Ezulwini Property Developments

Ezulwini is a Property development and investment company in the residential / commercial / light industrial space. A turnkey product is offered from inception through development, investment and management. Quality is very important in the delivery of the Ezulwini Product. There are very stringent quality checks and measures that suppliers all adhere to and Ezulwini pride themselves in ensuring that quality is maintained and standards are held high.

Ezulwini understands property investment and all the development sites / projects / Investments are identified for their locations and upside growth potential.

The business understands the residential market very well and we pride ourselves in delivering a superior liveable product. The project managers, site foreman, office staff and suppliers strive to uphold the corporate culture of delivering a superior product. We have long term partnerships with contractors and suppliers, working and developing together on all projects for consistent delivery.

Ezulwini is unique and offers a point of difference in the market. Years of experience in the residential market make it easy for the business to offer a complete solution for clients. The Architecture utilizes large sheets of glass to capture light and makes use of open spaces to enhance the living experience. Energy is conserved in the design elements and further technologies are employed whenever possible

Property Development and Investment

Residential | Commercial

We source, fund, conceptualize, design, manage, build, deliver, advertise, rent, manage our own buildings and properties and assist tenants with space suited to grow / nurture and run a successful businesses, create homes for both purchasers of bespoke individually crafted designer homes to rentals of quality affordable rental homes with amenities to ensure comfortable living where you never want to leave home.

Ezulwini Investments is a Property Development and Investment company in the Residential | Commercial and Light Industrial Space, working turnkey from inception through Development, Investment and Management.